Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been a bit of a mixed bag today...

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for my layouts to come back from the publishers. Not knowing whether changes will have to be made and always wishing that the deadline wouldn't come any closer is having a bit of a dodgy effect on my artwork. 'On the edge of your seat' is not a comfortable position from which to draw... as the old Chinese proverb says...(!)

On the plus side, I've finished a first draft of my second ever picture book text... and I'm really pleased with it. I've absolutely no idea if it's any good (in fact, I'm fairly certain it isn't!) but it has a beginning, a middle and an end. I can describe the plot in one sentence. It has a (kind of, sort of) moral and a climax... and most of all I just really enjoyed writing it.

Being an illustrator, I'm beginning to realise, is a career with a very odd pace to it. It's quite easy to go a week without feeling like you've really achieved anything if you're not careful, lost amongst leaky water colour tubes, enormous wads of putty rubber and mouldy tea cups!

I thought it was just a matter of setting goals and sticking to them, but now I realise that you have to be flexible and move those goals accordingly. If I'm having a pants drawing day, I need to change direction and colour-up a picture or do some writing. Arg! If only I could remember to remind myself of this advice everyday... I'd never regret the loss of a day, or worse still, not even notice that one's gone by! Anyway, for the moment, I feel fairly chuffed with myself so that's all that counts!

By the way, I listen to audio books whilst I work. I've just finished this one and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. The story is beautifully written, the narrator's voice is mellow and the whole thing is fantastic to work to. It's the kind of story you're sad to say goodbye to... and not just because you now need to find another to take its' place (gosh darn it!)


Lynne Chapman said...

Yiu sum it up really well, it is indeed a strange, up and down world to work in.

Good luck for your layouts. I'm always glad they tend to take a while to come back, because then I'm slightly less precious about any changes!

Congrats on your writing too - I've got today to have another look at mine. Wish me luck!

granny grimble said...

Just been pointed in your direction by Lynne, and what a lovely discovery. I've enjoyed reading your blogs very much (Have gone back to the start of them). The illustrations are lovely! I will be visiting your site on a regular basis.
Good luck with your two new books.
Leeta Chapman

cassia said...

i've only just seen my comments! Thank you both so much! Who can say that their first blog comments were by a world class illustrator and the marvellous Granny Grimble! Incidentally, Granny Grimble grunts is the best blog title in the world!!!