Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rule 1 Down the Toilet

Hmm... well, it seems that if this here writing malarkey is going to happen, it's going to be in the mornings. Already then, I am breaking rules.

As you know, I was going to put what I'd worked on that day at the top of a post. If I do so now, the most I can put is, a large bowl of cereal and having 'gotten up'. Though both feats are worth celebrating, I'm not sure a public statement is necessary. Thus, perhaps I shall put what I worked on yesterday instead... Starting from today's work tomorrow (if you see what I mean!) since I'm telling you now, yesterday was a pretty poor show and I only managed 3 character sketches.

To make you forget the tragedy of it all, I'm going to attempt to stick in a photo of my studio here. Its' chaos will serve as Derren Brown mind trick to confuse and blur.

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