Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Feeling

I'm having a rather sleepy, snuggly type of day... after a very good, but hugely adrenaline-inducing week of layout tennis with my art director.

I hope (I initially put 'think' but realised it might be tempting fate!) most things are now sorted, but I keep having minor heart attacks regardless. During this project, I fear I may have turned into a less witty, more neurotic Woody Allen...! I 'fear?' Yes, I've almost certainly turned into the wooly one!

I worry that if I look at the book plans again I'll suddenly see major glaring mistakes popping up all over the place... how, without noticing, I've accidentally replaced my main character (a small girl) with a yetti or something equally as inappropriate... or perhaps, I've somehow worked out the whole book back-to-front (not quite sure how that works, but if it DOESN'T, I'm sure I've done it!)

I think I might be experiencing the illustrator's equivalent of that awful dream where you turn up to work...naked... except of course, that most of us illustrators work at home so it's our prerogative to turn up to work naked! Huzzah!*

Right, I'm simultaneously trying to finish designing my backgrounds, do thumbnails for my new story and try and talk round a couple of misbehaving characters for the Hodder book, so I suppose I had better get on.

Apparently, I actually have some readers now, so I hope the both of you have a lovely weekend!

Here's a doodle from one of many ideas I'm pootling away with.

*As a children's book illustrator, I might add that I opt to remain be-clothed at all points. I can only illustrate in pyjamas and fluffy slippers, mind...


Thomas Everest said...

I may not be a granny or a world class illustrator but I always read what you are up to so be good!

Lynne Chapman said...

How can you call such a lovely drawing a doodle!?

The good thing about blogging is that, when you are 5 times winner of the Greenaway, you will be able to look back at these days of confidence crisis and smile!

For the record, I find I can only draw in a wet suit and flippers...

cassia said...

ahh, the old wet suit/flipper combo, eh?! It's an olden but a goodun! Just don't try to answer the phone in a hurry...

Thanks awfully, Thomas- I'm an angel so no worries there!