Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Gosh, this blogging lark is hard to keep up.

Somewhere between working on a project that I can't show and having been a big snotty, monkey, I have lost a good few days on here. Maybe you enjoyed the respite. Maybe you haven't even noticed. Perhaps I've just blown my own cover as well as my dribbly red proboscus...?!

During that time, I have made no work I can air and made no thoughts other than, 'squelchety, squelch! Arooooooooooooooooooooooooog!' (That's the sound of my nose-blowing resonating through brain cells).

Therefore, I shall tell you that the background style of the book seems to be going well, but I'm still sussing out how to draw the foreground inanimate objects. So far, the elements of the picture are going together like an anchovey chutney and bakewell tart... I will try to resolve this little problem today (the demand for anchovey chutney and bakewell tart trifle being shockingly low). However, I will also make a point of trying to get some sort of doodle to add onto this blog. I'd also like to cover another picture book too and put up a link to a fabulous article I found online the other day. I'm holding up my hand now in a firm promise (well, a gesture of affirmative that I shall try to, anyway...) that I will get that sorted this afternoon sometime.

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