Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monster Mash

Well, I'm feeling slightly less icky. Huz *splutter* zah!
However, my head still feels slightly full of cushions. Especially when it comes to my work.

I'm still trying to mesh the different elements of my Hodder colour studies together. It seems ridiculous to be having such difficulties as the backgrounds are quite minimalist. I'm not sure now whether there are problems, or I'm just not used to working in such a way.

Anyway, here's another experiment >
I think it's currently looking too computery (technical term, stay with me!) and the lighting is wrong, but as a first attempt, I'm quite pleased.

As an aside, does anyone have a comfort angle? As you may have guessed, I tend to draw a character first off in profile. I find once I've drawn them in profile, I have far less problems tackling them from other angles.

This (and you may also have guessed it) is the 'little boy' character I instantly tend to think of. I'm working with multiple characters at the moment, but he's my sort of default. He greatly resembles my brother as a child- what can I say, we were a fugly family...!

I'd be interested in knowing if other people have 'default' characters and where they think they've come from.


DanniGirl said...

Each time I look at your work I am just astounded at how you capture a child’s character. The innocence, wonderment, and honesty of them, all come thru sensationally! Now a quick thought on the pj comment...... hahaha. Ahhhhh what I wouldn't give to work at home and have the freedom to wiggle my toes in snuggly bunny slippers as a sipped on a cozy mug of apple cider. Stirring the toasty concoction of tiny remnant spices with a stick of cinnamon. Watching outside the window, a falling leaf announces that fall has arrived, and JUST in time no doubt! Of course this would all imply that my children were at the sitters. HAHAHAHA The pictures are wonderful; I just love the attitude that comes thru!

cassia said...

Thanks Danni! Yes, I have to say the toastiness is a perk of the job... Sadly no cinnamon sticks though- do you think the toilet brush might do?!

DanniGirl said...

Well good morning friend! HAHAHA quite possible, as long as you were for CERTAIN to stir tiny remnants of spices in that cider. Sounds like something my boys would try to pull.... don’t give them any ideas Cass. Also, a quick note.... or rather a comment. I know what you are saying about the illustration being 'computery' (highly technical terms). I would agree with you as long as you weren’t nearing Kristin Abbott whom is a great illustrator in her own rights. However, I have to admit I am a bit old school and enjoy more sketchy doodles. Cheers ~Danni

Lisa Evans said...

Hi Cassia, thank you for the lovely comments on my blog : )
Your work is wonderful, I really love this image. Congratulations also on your book deals.
Happy fireworks,