Monday, November 10, 2008

Jack of no trades

It's a strange and painful revelation that there are people who outstrip my meagre creative output miles and miles over... even before they've had their morning wheet-o's or done their daily ablusions (sp?). Obviously in illustration but in so many areas PLUS illustration.

I am head expodingly, mind-bogglingly, thumb-twiddlingly flummoxed about how to feel towards those people that not only illustrate more profusely and better than me, but also make their own jumpers... out of handspun wool, grow their own vegetables, have four children AND keep pigs! Good grief!!! What time do these people get up at?!

It is not that I don't get certain urges... Gosh, I fancy making a papier mache mask, painting glass and learning to crochet table mats today... but I 'somewhat' lack in focus. And the simple result is that in a Robinson Crusoe-like situation, I'd be as useful as deodrant to a sewer rat.

So, I have come up with a cunning plan to prove my worth to all of humanity. I wish to share my new found exploits with you in a one-time only opportunity (cos, darnit, this creativity stuff is just too blimmin' tiring...) I have decided to INVENT something. Something which will be my offering to the world after I've gone.

Here it is; my remedy to the rising prices of gas and electricity in the home. I call it 'The Hot Botty Pappousse' (patent-pending)

If you look closely, you might be able to see the rubbings out where I've perfected my design... I'd like to thank my mum and dad for allowing me to dream big. Enjoy.


Lynne Chapman said...

I think the 'Hot Botty Botty' would be even better, with the extra feature of adding padding for the sufferer of piles...

Claud said...

You're scaring me Cass. I'm considering reporting you to the police!

cassia said...

the idea's got legs, I tell you... I like the idea of double body botty's too. One on your front and one on your back.