Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Character Studies and the Cass Oscars...

I thought I'd begin to post some of the preparatory work I did for 'Lively Elizabeth' so you can see how I've been working.

There are an awful lot of little characters to keep a hold of in this book, so I'm afraid several forests were felled in my efforts to get to know them. I have literally piles of these studies. I know I shall have to ditch a lot of them. My work, as we speak, is stealthily creeping out of my studio and is edging its' way to towards total house domination... It's quite the dictator, I can tell you. Fears that I may one day lose the dog amongst hoards of tiny, 2-D children are well-founded.

I have never tried to sell work before, but I may be driven to attempting to give it a whirl this spring. I've no idea even how to go about selling work. I know some folk put stuff on Etsy, but does that work? If anyone uses the site, could they please let me know how well it does for them?

In light of the weekend's Oscars (and since I appear to have some space to fill next to the picture), I thought I'd award my own.
Most Stand Out Picture Book goes to:

Kazuno Kohara - The Haunted House Published by Macmillan. Kazuno's work is quirky, feisty and really stands out on the shelf. I'm impressed that it was published, actually, as the colour scheme alone makes it a bold and gutsy choice. Bravo, Macmillan!

Funniest Picture Book goes to:
Melanie Watt- Chester's Back
Published by Kids Can Press. Ok, I confess; I haven't actually read this one. It's a bit of a leap of faith really. But I loved her first one so much, I'm sure the second is just as great. I'd never heard of this publisher before, but they've obviously got their heads screwed on the right way around.

Funkiest Picture Book goes to:
Jill Lewis and Deborah Allwright- Don't Read This Book
Published by Egmont Books. I love the styling on this one- great to see some anarchy in kids books! Probably for the older end of the market (as it's quite wordy). I'm lucky enough to have seen it at proof-stage and have been not-so-patiently waiting for it to come out ever since. Brilliant madness. Out now.

Best Book of last year goes to:
Chris Riddell- Ottoline Goes to School
Published by Macmillan. I may be biased on this one, as I loved Ottoline. The format was ingenius and the pictures astounding. It's true, this one just isn't as good- mainly the plot is a little sloppier, which makes it slightly harder-going (given that it can't be over 1000 words, that's no real problem, mind!) The pictures are still incredible though and since this is the first Cass Oscar Presentation, let's call it a political move!


April Jarocka said...

Good luck in locating the dog. I see you didn't mention your other half so sounds like you need to send out a search party! Ebay, I believe a lot of painters use it with considerable success. Haven't done so myself though. Good luck.

cassia said...

oh, damn! You're right! hmm... where did I see him last...?

Really? Ebay? Thanks for the pointer. I shall give it a firm going over and report my findings.


Rosalind said...

Hello Cassia, delighted to hear you enjoyed Kazuno's book! I just wanted to mention that the title of its British edition is actually 'The Haunted House' - 'Ghosts in the House' is the American edition. It's a bit confusing, I know!

Best wishes
Rosalind (Kazuno's editor)

cassia said...

Hi Rosalind! Doh! I thought it was, but I didn't trust my memory and must have checked on an american site! Sorry about that, but thanks very much for the correction. It's a brilliant book and it really is such a refreshing thing to see something unique on the shelves- can't wait to see what Kazuno and yourself are cooking up next!:0)

cassia said...

It's only just occurred to me that I can, in fact, go back and edit my post! I am a Cass of very little brain! So, please now all read, The Haunted House, by Kazuno Kohara.

Vina Puspita said...

Hi Cassia!

What could I say? I love the character that you made! Those are so cute!! hihihihii :D

draw with the flow

cassia said...

thanks vina!

Hey, Indonesia, eh? What a place! You really manage to capture that amazing lighting, heat and beauty, I remember from it. Nice work! :0)