Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bologna Book Fair

Well, tomorrow is the last day of the Bologna Book Fair. It seems quite bizarre that the thing I've been working up to, and also the one everyone has been speculating so much over this year, has passed by nearly unnoticed.

Of course I've been checking The Bookseller's site for updates on an almost hourly basis. And I've definitely been tempted to click refresh immediately every time nothing new comes up... just incase... However, yesterday and today have been ridiculously normal. House-workey, doodlingly, dog-walkingly normal. And meanwhile, somewhere in Italy, Lively Elizabeth is doing her thing. I'd like to think she's swimming rather than sinking, but who knows, and I can't help her anymore.

I think I'm particularly ansy because I have no visuals to attach to what's going on over there. With all the doom and gloom talk about this year's fair, the most my brain can muster is a small stall behind which little publishing figures hold up books, yelling,

'Two for a pound! Getcha books here! Two for a pound!'

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