Thursday, March 26, 2009

whether the weather will cheer me up.

I'm feeling ever so slightly below parr this week. I think it has a great deal to do with the disappearance of Mr Sunshine.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a big Summer fan. I do not do Summer well at all in fact. Largely because it seems to equate itself with all things 'girly,' and I'm far from an expert in these matters. Summer is for dresses and shorts and tanned limbs and people who's face's actually have the mass to peer out from beneath sunglasses. Summer is not for jeans and hoodies (my only attire- no really, I've been to both meetings and parties in this ensemble) and white flesh (that doesn't even have the ability to go that endearingly British shade of 'fire engine' red, of which we seem so proud). It's not for sweating or squinting. It's not for DOING anything. It's for sitting daintily outside of cafe's in something long and floaty and sipping iced tea (I have strong suspicions that iced tea might actually be a substance more sinister... involving cats...! Keep that under your sombrero's though...)

Anyway, what I do like is a darned good Spring or Autumn. I like the sunshine without the heat, and the pressure, and the huge hoards of students and families that suddenly claim the parks and tut at me for letting the dog wee too closely to them (little do they know, she was on strict orders!) I like watching plants pop up from soil, decked in their fanciest outfits. And I like trees bookending the Summer with their own colourful displays. I do not like men wandering around Tesco with no tops, larger cleavages than I have (at either end of me!) and their beer bellies dusting the floors as they go.

Oooh, anyway, the sun must have heard me and is making a brief appearance so I shall go and enjoy it. If it's not sunny where you are, you should most definitely cheer yourself up with this.

Hands up who's looking forward to 'Where the Wild Things Are' The Movie? I really hope it's good. I'd love to do a book as dark and brilliant as that one day.


Lynne Chapman said...

Ha Ha! I love seeing all the totally inappropriate clothing that gets whipped from the back of wardrobes as soon as there's the slightest sniff of sunshine. It's one of the things I would miss if I moved somewhere where it was lovely and sunny all the time and the people were all beautiful and groomed!

cassia said...

yes, the totally inappropriate clothing is usually my own, however!