Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cover Me!

So, here it be; The final cover for Lively Elizabeth. What do you think?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Work Update

Well, it's been a chocka couple of weeks. Last week was several shades of 'meh!' workwise; With overtones of 'slow lorris' and undertones of 'snail'. At the beginning of this week, I was already well into Book 5 of Harry Potter, so for those of you that read my last post, you get an idea how wobbly things were...

This week has contained the more wholesome flavours of Linford Christie, 'shooting star', and a side order of 'cheetah'- And, oh, how I glad I am. Not a MOMENT too soon. By the time I finish these drawings and get them approved, I'll only have 2 1/2 months left to get them coloured.... which is, ooh, mebbe 3 days per piece... if I don't have a day off until I'm done... I would probably recommend those that know me, stay away- I don't reckon I'll have much time for bathing from now on, and the only tea you'll be offered may be several years old... with bits of dog bottom fluff floating gently on the surface.

So, what made it all click into place? I sometimes think it helps to have a whole bunch of drawings together. You stop being so (anal)ytical/neurotic and start appreciating the collective weight of a (hopefully not-so-dead) body of work. Whilst I work, I like to keep as much of a project on the wall as possible. It helps me stay in a project until the bitter end... and also to keep checking and re-checking my continuity (currently, my characters' pesky little ears keep sliding too far down his head, and I've drawn more than one hand back-to-front...!) There is also something quite impressive about pinning two full sketch book's worth of work up at once. It's hugely confidence building. Of course, it's not all roses. Occasional (and complete) grotesque, fugli-ness still lurks amongst my little nursery of pictures. However, since I now have more (vaguely) right-uns than wrong-uns, I feel quite zen about re-doing bits.

Something else which really spurred me on, was a wonderful package of work I received from the rather remarkable Svein Nyhus- inspirational stuff indeed! It's a real shame his books aren't available over here- They should be on every child's shelves. However, it does make my little collection feel all the more special to me. My Swedish friend assures me that Norwegian and Swedish are fairly similar, so I'm going to go over to hers with a big glass of hot milk, my slippers, and Svein's books, for a bedtime story.