Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lively Elizabeth- you GO, Girl!!!

Ahh, today has been a little cracker. I woke up KNOWING it would be a goodun. True, there were no Disney birds or puffy-white-haired, pepperpot ladies whipping me up a ball-gown from stray table cloths- Quite frankly though, I'm not sure that that wouldn't have been distinctly creepy, anyhow- surely a day that starts off that way, ends with padded walls, padlocks, and rocking in the corner....

However, today just felt good from the word 'go'; Which is quite glorious, since yesterday I was in a complete stinker of a mood, and stomped about getting terribly irate with inanimate objects.
'Grr, Hoover- you suck!'

-Well, actually, ours doesn't- not since something large and suspicious dislodged itself from behind the laundry bin and disappeared, scuffling its' protest all the way up the nozzle, like your average asbo teen trapped in a police van. My inner-Columbo deduced that it MIGHT once have been a sock... Anyway, our Hoover let out one last wheezy groan of pain, and exploded, with a 'pumph!' in a cloud of dog's bottom fur and toenail clippings... See, now I'm actually getting quite teary thinking about it, Poor Hoover- All the good times we've had together; me grunting and sweating, while it gently wafted dust about and deposited it MERE centimetres away from where we started... No, no, actually, just like the dust, I make a U-turn and return to whence I came- Stupid, cheapass vacuum- why couldn't you have been a Dyson like your cousin?!

But, back to today,

So far, its' immense beauty has manifested thus-ly (is that a word?)

* I listened to Imogen Heap's new album, followed by the song, 'Koop Island Blues' (guaranteed to make anyone feel just that smidgeon cooler than God intended)

* I consumed two jam donuts before breakfast (Yes, I know, but, look, if I have to pay tax, and all that other goshdarned, dull, grown-up gubbins, I most certainly am going to take advantage of the few fabulous advantages of being an adult! The other's being, of course; NOT having to have a bath before bed and the ability to use a plethora of 'colourful,' language concoctions whenever you like- particularly when addressing household, cleaning apparatus...)

And this is the stonker

* I just got word that 'Lively Elizabeth' shall be winging her way to THE STATES, when the book comes out next Spring. When I read the email, I actually did that little hand clap you see 2 year olds do. And then I punched the air, 80's style- just for good measure. And since then, I've been bouncing about like an idiot. It's probably the best news the book could have gotten at this point. Huzzah! I don't yet know any more details than that, but I'll let you know when I find out.

Also, following a final frantic weekend of 3.45am starts and 11pm finishes, the insides of George and Ghost have been signed off by everyone and gone off to proof now- Admitedly, many of the last minute tweaks were under my own governing. The cover is also pretty much done (I hope). My editor is pleased, but it still has to tiptoe quietly past the Big Cheese at Hodder, Anne McNeil. Also, Rights and Sales, and obviously, Catriona Hoy, the author. At this point, my work feels kind of like Atreyu in The Neverending Story; You know, the part where he has to get past the sphinxs without them opening their eyes and turning him to stone! However, I really like what Claire and I have put together, so I hope it makes it in one piece. Anyway, it would be great to show you a little more of that, very shortly.

Right, now I'm off to pay attention to that third (and highly lonely) donut and to watch my boyfriend kill things in the new Batman game. Ahh, a celebration fit for a King! *ahem*


mai s kemble said...


cassia said...

yay! Thanks, Mai. So far, you'll be in a queue only behind my aunt and uncle, but I hope word gets around!

Laurie said...

Great news - me too, I'll be fourth in the queue!

PS I hope you have apologised to the Hoover?


cassia said...

excellent, Laurie.

P.S. I shall never appologise to that breathy beast... Oh, alright- if you insist...

Buskitten said...

Great news Cassia! Congratulations - you ROCK girl! xxx

cassia said...

thanks, Buskitten! Excedingly kind of you! I could do with a comment like that to wake-up to every day! cx

Joanna Dover said...

Hooray!! many congrats to you:)

cassia said...

thanks, Joanna. I'm going to try and wheedle some details out of them today. How's all with you?