Friday, August 28, 2009

Making School Libraries Statutory

If you've got a second, please look over and sign this petition to make school libraries statutory. Children have far too little contact with books as it is. Without school libraries, I'm positive some kids would get away without seeing books at all.

And, if that's not incentive enough, you can keep a watch on the petition for all the famous authors/illustrators and publishers signing up!


Lynne Chapman said...

Well done for publicising this. A very worthy cause to fight for.

All signed up!

Thomas Taylor said...

Yes, well done you. I'll link to this next time I post something, if you don't mind.

cassia said...

I have to confess, it was actually fellow illustrators, Cee Biscoe and James Mayhew who brought this to light for me- I'm rubbish with current affairs!

However, I do intend to put in a mention of that evil database for authors and illustrators visiting schools, in my next post (whenever I get around to it!) The annoying thing about that is, I'm not really sure what anyone can do about it.

Lynne, I guess you must be affected by it? Thomas, you're in France now, aren't you? So you're safe from the ridiculousness.

Thomas Taylor said...

Oh, we have a whole other ridiculousness thing going on here.

That police check business is an affront though.