Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Announcing the New Booktrust Early Year's Award winner, Miss Mara Bergman!

I will get back to talking about the month's news, but I decided whilst I was on the subject of 'George and Ghost,' I'd better get around to the method overview I spoke of a while back (see next post- expect it to be long... very long! Get a cup of tea ready... and a zimmer frame!) Am I confusing you? No, it's not me jumping about in topic, it's you practising the senility that'll set in, whilst reading my next post!

Quickly though, here is 'Lively Elizabeth's' wonderful author, Mara Bergman, receiving the Booktrust Early Years Award (in the pre-school category). Mara's the tiny, wee, lady on the left (she may even be as small as me- I must ask!) She's pictured here with Nick Maland, her illustrator from 'Oliver Who Travelled Far and Wide'. You can read a description of Oliver here

It's an amazing commendation to win such an award, so huge congrats to them both! Also, to ex-Anglia Ruskin students, Simon and Kazuno, shortlisted in the Emerging Illustrator Category. Well-deserved by all!

Also well worth a read, is this interview with the rather fabulous, Chris Mould. It's brilliant to see someone I admire being interrogated so thoroughly!!! Plus, it's a site with many other fantastic interviews to boot.

Inspired by the interview, here are the most recent pages of my sketchbook; drawn on a stinky train down to South Wales, last weekend. I really loved the girl, sitting opposite me. She was so mysterious, with this dark, cascade of hair, and endless fiddling to get the right soundtrack for the occasion. Throughout the journey, I never saw more of her face than just the very tip of her nose!


mai s kemble said...

fun fun sketches!

exciting news, too! I hope some awards head your way next... ;D

isn't it weird how sneaky artists can be in sketches unsuspecting travelers?
but we mean well...

cassia said...

i'm completely rubbish at being sneaky, actually. I ALWAYS get caught, and the really unfortunate thing is, my sketch people tend to have been beaten with the ugly stick prior to being found out... It doesn't make the real people very happy...(sigh!)

Lynne Chapman said...

Love the sketchbook. You really captured the girl and her weisght in the seat. Like the look of the upside-down hoody too. Fancy drawing all ways up though, so I had to turn my head upside down!

cassia said...

thanks, Lynne. yes, I'm not very organised am I? I tend to get freaked out by drawing more than one picture on a page, but if I turn the book around, it sort of cancels out the previous picture and doesn't scare me as much... weird, huh?