Wednesday, October 21, 2009

b&w doodling

Right, you may have noticed that this isn't the George and Ghost log post that I promised. I AM writing it- I swear! It's just LONNNNNNG, and as I'm trying to write it thoroughly and at least SEMI-seriously, it's taking forever. It is on its' way though, and you can be rest-assured it haunts my dreams, an endless knitted mass of words twisting about my subconscious, like the DNA of guilt!!! I'll try and get it up some time in the next week or so.

In the mean time, here are a couple of doodles I'm playing with. I've been trying out the Chris Mould biro technique, with something that resembles more of my old, MA style. The biro was interesting. It's actually a medium I've always enjoyed using (too many years of not doing homework and scribbling in the margins, I suspect!) but I was always told to use a 'proper pen' when doing art. Despite knowing there are no rules in art, it's amazing when I realise I have somehow imposed some ridiculous ones on myself. To this day, it would never have occured to me that I could use biro- but I think Chris has proved it's quite as valid a medium as any other!
The first one's entirely biro, but I quite liked leaving the background in pencil in the wolves one, to take it further back in the picture.

Yes, I am aware that her teeth are quite obscenely large, by the way. I got a little carried away. It was quite nice pleasing no one other than myself, and if that means bunny incisors, well so be it!
Although, I'm pretty certain I'll gravitate back to my pencil, I do love how using a different, temporary medium changes the way you work. I wasn't feeling too confident with my drawing before I started the top image, but simply using a biro (where I would ordinarily have used pencil) gave me so much more flow than I've actually earnt (colouring George and a wee bit of a holiday after, has made me a complete drawing slacker!)

Stylistically, I'm also enjoying going back to my roots. Something I'm hoping to carry through a little in my next picture book projects (combined with my present approach) and also, in building a portfolio geared towards a fiction market.
Hence, I'm having a stab at putting my doodles into colour. Here's my colour rough. I find the problem with colour, is that it often deadens or overpowers the line, if I'm not careful. You can see this in extreme with the flat colour rough. I'll keep you up-to-date with it though.


Mundo Mundaca said...

I adore that sweet face with those glasses and their great teeth.. really she is graced.

Lynne Chapman said...

These are lovely drawings Cass - full of life but also beautifully delicate.

And the colour doesn't overpower the line, though I know what you mean - it's one reason I rarely work with line in my artwork. Can't seem to get it right without it all getting a bit clompy!

How do you get round the 'blobbing factor' with biro? I have enough trouble when just signing books. I expect trouble with nasty, free-with-every-packet specials, but even with a proper Bic I get in a right blotty mess!

cassia said...

well, that's what my dad asked me too, but i've never noticed the blobbing! What does that say about my drawing standard?!!! lol!

The ones I used were 99p for about 20. The only problem I had was they sort of 'cut out' sometimes, you know, the way biro's do when you're trying to write something important and only have one shot?!

I'd definitely use them again.

cassia said...

thank you so much, Yasmin! I equally love, love, love your black and white cats- they're absolutely brilliantly drawn, and so sweet and funny!

April Jarocka said...

That blobbing issue with the biros...major block to me using biro. Beautiful 'sketches' Cassia...and lovely trees. I'm still working on mine at the Ugly Rabbit..

mai s kemble said...

I hope you keep those animals in the background on the final- I like them!
I think that she looks... just so interesting! I wish I had text to read with her and know what she's up to!
I can't wait to see more...
I think I used to have quite a problem with over-working my paintings and thus, losing a lot of the "freshness" that the original drawing had... I think you're pic here looks great though!
can't hurt to mess around... ;)

Veronica said...

I'm very happy I've just discovered your blog - lovely illustrations!

cassia said...

Thanks so much, Veronica. That's very kind of you to say.

Mai, you're so right. Things can get sort of heavy really quickly, and I think many pics have more impact in b&w too. It's why I love photoshop so much- I just ditch the colour if it doesn't work, but I learn so much by giving it a whirl!

cassia said...

I love your new blog though too, April! Really interesting the different approaches you're using on each one.

April Jarocka said...

The illustration blog is hopefully going to be a little more magical Cassia, a little world you can step into...well, that's the plan.
Following ya on twitter btw!!

anna wadham said...

thanks for visiting me ;) lovely work here- did you go to Cambridge to get your MA by any chance?

cassia said...

April, I'm still not quite getting Twitter! I keep sticking with it, hoping eventually it'll make sense! How are you finding the tweeting experience?

Anna, thanks for visiting me back! I love your work. yes, I most definitely did do the Cambridge MA- only I think I was there a little after you. Do you wish you were still on the course, like I do???

Coreopsis said...

Marvelous--wonderful busy details, and the swirl behind her. She has so much character, and I'm finding these black and white drawings very very pleasing.

cassia said...

thanks so much. I've only branched out into colour recently, so going back to black and white is like a huge artistic cup of tea and slice of cake!!! It's sooooo comforting! I'm glad you like the work too. :0)