Friday, October 30, 2009


Ahhh, November. Scary how fast this year's going, isn't it? It doesn't help that the later months of a year are so much more dramatic and exciting and look-forward-to-able. I sort of wish the rest of the year away, just waiting for them. In fact, the first quarter of the year tends to drift me by, completely unnoticed. I think the thing is, that the early months have no discernible features. I mean, apart from spelling, what is the difference between March and April?

March and April are 'nice' months. Months with limp handshakes; ones that'll always offer to make you a cup of tea, but you hope you don't get sat next to on the bus, for fear of far-too-intimate conversations of Mrs Nextdoors bunions, caravan-ing holidays and kittens. July and August? Kind of sweaty and overbearing, laughing too loudly in quiet places, or lacking- with 'could do better' scrawled across their report cards, and disappointed, pasty faces all round.

October, on the other hand, brings a firework display of colour; with the sound just slightly out of sync, so that it's November that literally starts with a bang. December romps past with a fat man fumbling in people's stockings! Who could ignore that?!

I think the general consensus will be good riddence to 2009, but I'm going to do my damnedest to make its' last 2 months count.


Faye said...

Brilliant, brilliant month descriptions there, pigeon! Think there's potential for a book or somefink, meself - have you thought about illustrating a calendar/diary or something? xxx

Coreopsis said...

I try to make ALL months count.

Love your sketches. They inspire me to sketch more in my sketchbook (though I haven't been able to FIND my sketchbook this whole past week, and then this morning when I decided to start a new one even though the last one wasn't all the way finished, I couldn't find either of the two new ones I'd bought with my last one--what's up with this! It's a conspiracy!).

cassia said...

Faye, I think Emily Gravett's just pipped me to the post with that one, goshdarnnit! xxx

Coreopsis, I'm not sure I've EVER finished a sketch book. I think there's some law of physics which makes it impossible. I always start new ones. And if I like a picture, I usually end up ripping it out for reference anyway. I'm a sketch book massacre-er (is that a word?)

Jessie said...

Me too! I really love these sketches, very 'Shirley Hughes' (One of my favourites btw!)

Lynne Chapman said...

A fat man fumbling in people's stockings - great image!

I REALLY like these sketchbook pages. You've completely captured the feel of the busy corner at the top, and the girl reading is lovely.

Are you coming to the Hachette knees-up?

cassia said...

thanks, Jessie! Excellent compliment!

Lynne- Yep, indeed I am. Will have to facebook ye to see what your plans are for the day. Can't wait to see you again.


Thomas Taylor said...

Yes, what is it about those last few sketchbook pages that makes them so difficult to fill? Collective thin-ness perhaps.

Great post.

translucentblue said...

Hi there, Cassia! I love your's so wonderful (^_^)

emma wallace said...

So funny! I love the sketches and I totally agree - this trifecta of marvelous months is my favorite time.