Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Christmas Spirit?

No, sorry- it's only me!

Well, Winter's taken hold like a bad habit. I have a chill in my bones and icicles for tootsies. I've managed to accumulate an extra layer's warmth... in blubber, as the surprising diet of mince pies for brekkie has become part of my recommended daily allowance. Well, how else is one supposed to feel good about the 24/7 rain, and the excessive application of darkness at this time of year?

So, I know you're probably all dying to hear of the fizzing gossip and champagney, conversational, bubbli-ness of the Hodder Christmas party, but tough! I want you to hold on to your proverbial horses! In fact, how about making them a cup of tea and getting them to put their feet up? Because first, I want to talk about some other bits and bobs.

Right. So, I'm moving! Huzzah! But also... ahhhh! Yes, after wrangling with the entire Southern property rental market (oftentimes coming out black and blue all over- with the vague feeling that another small part of me had died) Liverpool and I are parting ways. We've been together nearly three years now; not quite long enough for marriage and kids, but it's certainly been no fling! I have good friends up this way now and little nooks and crannies I've claimed as my own. (Such as 'The Egg Cafe' off of Bold Street, and 'The Moon and Pea' on Lark Lane- splendid cake, I tell you!) I find myself missing it already.

Nevertheless, in a couple of weeks time, I'll be speedily putting up our Christmas tree in Surrey, in the effort to appear to myself that I've always lived there. Scary! I have to say, I'm fairly rubbish with change- mainly as it takes me a couple of years in a house to learn to leave my door keys in the same place each time. All right, I know it sounds small, but if it took you several days to get out to buy milk, you wouldn't be laughing either!

But also, there's the whole, 'making new friends' issue. Working alone has it's downsides. I don't know if you've ever tried it, but it takes a while to make friends in your own kitchen; A very long while. And if you achieve success, you'll almost certainly be carted off to the funny farm! So, yes, I strongly suspect I might have to LEAVE the house to find an answer to this problem- I'm getting the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.

That said, I've already made two lucky discoveries. One is the talented Sam McCullen, who'll be living up the road from me, and the other is a group of Surrey children's book illustrators that meet up regularly for coffee and cake- I likes the sounds of that already! I shall keep you informed of my progress.

Ok, in other news; My website has been due an update for some time. Well, that's not really news, is it? Appologies- quite, quite mis-leading. Truthful, however. In fact, in the near(ish- let's not get too over-ambitious here) future, I do hope to revamp it completely. I'd like to add 'editorial' and 'advertising' sections, and I also have crazy, grand ideas to do a 'Lively Elizabeth' off-shoot to the main site, containing activity sheets and bits and pieces for kids to download. In the mean time though, you'll have to make do with the bare essentials. I've finally updated! HOWEVER, I'm awaiting my new phone number before I upload it, so I shall give you a yell once it goes live. Here's a glimpse of the new picture book section though.

Also, I recently got some surprising and rather thrilling news about 'Lively Elizabeth' AND 'George and Ghost'. Both have conducted themselves remarkably well and have gone off, behind my back, and sold to Israel! Excellent stuff! I had absolutely no idea that they were even being considered there! I do love that kind of surprise and I can't WAIT to see both translated. There's something that feels so very official and important about a translated book!!!
I've put up the pages of the Hodder Frankfurt Rights catalogue, concerning George and Ghost, for you to see.

What else? Hmm... I think that's all really. I suppose you can get those proverbial horses shod and saddled once more, as the only thing left to cover is the Hodder Christmas Party....

But, by Golly it's getting late, so perhaps that'll have to wait until tomorrow afterall....!