Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lively Elizabeth OUT NOW!!!

Hooray, hooray, hooray!

Here is the first ever sold copy of Lively Elizabeth! Well, that is, it's the first copy I've seen, that's sold and made it all the way to its' destination. This one has sent itself all the way to.... my good buddy, Mike's, desk... huzzah!

I was thinking of running a little competition. I would love a photo record of places Lively Elizabeth goes. I know some of you have been good enough to buy a copy, and others of you may see a copy at your local library or bookshop. I was wondering if I could please, please, please ask you to take photos of all and email them to me, marked 'Lively Elizabeth on tour'

I'll post any you send here, and there will be a wee prize for the most exciting/creative shots or locations. Thank you all, kindly.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Err... Happy new year????!

*Cass creeps meekly into the picture, pink cheeked and ansy-looking*

Blog: Say you're sorry.

*Cass looks sheepish and defiant, in turns.*

Blog: We-elllllll.....?

*Cass shuffles feet nervously*

Blog: Cassssssss.... do we have to go through this again...?

Cass: Sorry, Blog. Sorry for leaving you so long! (in a rush)

Blog: (sighs) That's ok. Now, get on with your post.

Cass: *bashful grin* OK!

So, in brief, our um... for lack of a better word, 'heroine' has:

-Moved home. To yummy, yummy Surrey. Oh, how she likes living close to so much National Trust land AND a Cupcakery! All the lovely walking amongst deer, rabbits and llamas (don't ask!) ALMOST accounts for the cupcake consumption.

- updated her website. Huzzah! About blooming time.

- Started work at Waterstones and a local nursery. Interesting turns of event, these. Both are working out ok, although she did almost quit on the spot this morning, after being presented with a prize booger (at the nursery, obviously! The staff at Waterstones are very well-behaved indeed!)

- Started work on a new book. Hooray! Keep watching this spot.

- 1 month and TWO days left until the release of her first book. Hardback books rarely ever make it into store these days, so please feel free to go into your nearest bookstore and/or library and ask for 'Lively Elizabeth'. If the shop doesn't ask for a deposit, I'd love everyone to go ahead and order a copy too- when you don't buy it, it'll go out on the shelf and hopefully someone else will. (Of course, I trust YOU all have your copies on order already! ;0) x )

Some of you may have also have noticed the children's illustrators site has been down. It got hacked into a little while ago, apparently. However, it's all in good working order now; and with a brand new face lift too. You can visit my section here.

Other than that, I'd like to draw your attention to the film, 'Cirque Du Freak', if you haven't seen it... and you probably have- I'm always last on the scene with these things! Anyway, having read the book, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the film. Films so ofter cock-up a good book, don't they? Anyway, solid script and acting, and the story arc (plus, what they did and didn't take out, plot-wise) worked well. Ahh, Harry Potter- if only you could have been treated as well...!

I think that is all, for now!