Sunday, March 14, 2010

ooh, goodies!

Now, I know there's probably some fancy way of lining all these up, but I was far too excited to bother about all that complicated rubbish. What fantastic pictures! A huge thank you to the fabulous Katie, Ben, Mao and Freda at the top there, the marvellous Prospero's Bookshop in Crouch End, and last but not least Claire, Sam and furry friends!
Dead chuffed with them, Guys! Please keep them coming.
I may have some excruciatingly embarrassing ones to add soon myself. Mara and I are doing our first event at the Guildford Waterstones, on the 10th April. Details here. Hopefully, there'll be a fancy dress competition, drawing, a book reading, and much more. Everyone's welcome. Please do come and say hullo. I'm going to be horribly nervous, mind, so if I merely gurgle and stammer, you'll know why. No doubt my dear Ma will be on hand to take a variety of awful snaps of the occasion! Will keep you posted.