Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The times, they are a changin'

When you work in a microcosm, it's sometimes easy to pootle along, believing things aren't changing. A book might take several months to do, and a couple of years to actually see on the shelf. And when you're pinning your life on this somewhat lackadaisical time structure, you often get a little lost in your daydreams. It's quite disturbing, for example, to see what other people have been up to whilst you were picking crayola's, or absentmindedly dipping your paintbrush in your tea (again).

'Look!' you cry, 'I've managed to make my characters' face look less like the backend of a horse!' Or, 'See here! I've created a triptych using only a pizza box and a vermillion hue!' And upon looking up to receive your *surely quite substantial* praise, you gasp... because what you find is that your best friend's holding a- no, surely not- is that- oh, but it can't be! That's not... a BABY??? Yup, you were unaware that a) they wanted a baby b) they were pregnant (well, ok, so you did know she was pregnant, but surely it could only have been for more than 5 minutes!) and c) that the baby is now almost a month old (in baby terms that's at least a teenager, isn't it? Or is it only dogs this applies to?) So, unless you missed a very important lesson in sex ed... or have somehow confused the gestation period of babies with that of kittens... you've somehow missed 9 months of life... Indeed, you've missed so much life, that your friend's gone and created a whole other one in that time! Crazy!

Ok, so let's cut the 'you' part. I think we can both see through my ruse here. Possibly, 'you' wouldn't be so shortsighted to miss these things. But, me? Well, I'm in shock. Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased, but I'm very much in shock. I'm in shock that I could possibly get to the age that the word, 'pregnant' is not followed a hushed, 'OMG! what are you going to tell your mum?!' I'm in shock that time seems to be going so FAST! I'm in shock that I'm suddenly sounding like my Mum saying things like, 'time seems to be going so fast!!!' Man, I can't take it!

Anyway, here's a picture to take all of our minds off it!

In other news:

The London Book Fair was excellent. It was a rather airless event, with many people not making it, due to things exploding in foreign parts. However, it was brilliant to catch up with old course friends, Kay Bainbridge, Jennifer Miles, Emma Malfroy, and Rosie Brooks, and my lovely Hodder editor too. It was also very exciting to meet the spiffing Jon Davis
who was also lurking in the Illustration Corner. I'm not sure the event itself was worth the £25 entrance fee (I think I'd have to go on a normal year to see) but the company was (in the words of a certain credit card company) priceless.

I've resigned at Waterstones. It wasn't an easy decision to make on a personal level, as I really enjoy working with my colleagues there, but it was quite straight-forward from a business point of view. It's illustration all the way, from now on! (Well, that and stopping child A from inserting a toy giraffe into child B's nostril at the nursery...)

The book event went well- Mara made cupcakes, so of course I'm going to say that! Pictures to follow, as soon as I work out how to get photos off the phone...

Lively Elizabeth reviewed. Yay! I love this one!


Possibilities of a new project to tell you all about soon- very exciting. Please watch this space!


Laurie said...

Crikey! Cripes! OMG!

Jon Davis said...

Fair enough on knocking Waterstones on the head.
I'm sure there's a feeling of weights lifting and suns rising etc.

I was endeavouring to skulk rather than lurk at the Book Fair, but it's marvellous to be referred to as spiffing :)

Thomas Taylor said...

I sympathise. I'm still trying to remember where the last seven years went. Nice picture, by the way.

cassia said...

Laurie, I particularly like 'Jeepers!'

Jon, you skulk admirably.

Thomas, thank you. And good luck with your move, btw. You'll be missed in blogland!

matt dawson said...

I know how it is with 'day jobs' that distract from your true passions in life... congratulations on taking the plunge (each time I hear of someone doing it a little bit of my day job brain stops concentrating on what I should be, erm..... furtive doodle, doodle, now how can I make that composition work...?!.... er, ahem, of course I'll have those files done boss (rapidly hides scraps of sketches under 'real' work...! Best of luck Cassia! PS. good to hear about the book fair, one of these days I might just go along and look see...

cassia said...

Thanks Matt. Yes, the fair's definitely worth a look. It's a bit of a weird one, as it really is quite Rights based, but I found enough editors and designer-y types to be useful. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to meet other illustrators.

Olly said...

Waterstones news = :-(
although i suppose I can't really talk...
babies are always a bit of a shock haha! Are you going to be requested to do babysitting duties? good luck with that (just make sure you don't dip your paintbrushes into the baby milk bottle by mistake)

I like the funny hairy furry creature :-)