Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Couch surfing and chin-wags.

Good grief, I've been pathetic today.

Last night was my first advanced kick-boxing class. Now, now, Children, you may hold those acid tongues. There's no need to remind me that the only thing of which has advanced of late is my rather protuberant little belly; one that is so soft and cuddly it might have been adopted at a pet rescue centre. Why, I had to carry it around all night. I've found kicking is somewhat hindered if your own body comes complete with airbag, but I'm ambitious I tell you. Advanced shadmanced!

If only my belly could be farmed out to a new and loving home though, it would save me a lot of bother. After an hour of intense one two, one two three four, combinations, I'm almost certain I may have a better precipitation rate than that of Scotland. I'm pretty sure I've single-handedly staved off the hosepipe ban...

Anyway, the whole point of exercise is surely to feel better. However, I always feel as if I've gone several rounds with England's current air of defeat... Today, I managed to drag myself heroically to the sofa to eat Waitrose scones (which I've discovered are FANTASTIC given 20 seconds in the microwave) and drink tea. From my cushion throne, I shared generously my new-found athletic prowess, both wisely and copiously, with Andy Murrey (the lucky boy!) Despite the fact I've still no idea what the name of his opponant was, Andy's winning (I'm adamant) was entirely down to my yelling, 'win, you bugger!' at the TV. I'll bet he was glad I was laid up.

I paused my hectic schedule to take a well-earnt nap, and then it's been all go, go, go again since then.

Fortunately, my bout of feebleness coincided nicely with me having just completed a rather lovely job (I shall write a separate post about it shortly). Thus, I feel a little breather today was allowed. It's strange not feeling completely depressed at the completion of a project. I usually feel at sea. I can only assume it's because this has been a quick job, as it's been no less enjoyed, that's for sure. A well-deserved days' hookie to celebrate is really a fantastic treat!

Tomorrow though, I've got a very exciting meeting lined up (I don't want to say anymore about that yet, incase I jinx it!) and I've also got to get back into my Egmont book proposal. So, I shall have to be stern with myself and get back into the swing of things.

Before I sign off, I wanted to mention what a fantastic day out I had on Saturday. I often feel there isn't enough support for illustrators. We're isolated creatures, and I think we often get so stuck in our own little brains, we forget we need the input of others. Perhaps I'm only talking personally here, however I decided to attempt to arrange a little get together of children's book writers and illustrators, and others seemed to be on board with the plan. A nervous cluster of us, from all over the place, arrived outside the ICA (my good friend, Ellie Sandall, suggested a group of illustrators should be called a 'disorganisation' of illustrators, which I think sums things up nicely!) It was a wonderful mix of people I knew from my course, those I knew from Hodder, and folk I knew from blogland, and had never met in person before. I was prepared for it to be slightly awkward, taking us a while to find our stride. Everyone got on instantly though, and tales of joy and sorrow, and frustration and success were shared likewise. Advice was given and received and it made me feel lucky to be part of an industry that attracted such brilliant people.

I'll be attempting to organise another one in London in the Autumn. Interested parties can comment here, and I'll add you to the list. But, there are so many illustration groups out there, I urge everyone to see what's available in their area.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about it, to remind everyone that we're all out there. No matter how lonely it sometimes feels, we're all still here, going through similar things, and the more support we can give eachother, the better.


mai s kemble said...

good lord why don't I live in london??

I generally try to hang out with my old art buddies from college...
but having that outlet and human connection has saved lives, I'm sure.


I hope tomorrow goes well!

cassia said...

mai, you'd be very welcome anytime! I often think it's a shame there's so much of a geographical gap between us all- the world should be like a children's play mat, so you could just fold 2 areas together and hop across! I'm very much in favour of this idea! :0)

Jon Davis said...

That's basically how bending space with gravity wells works (as far as I understand). So maybe it'll happen in proper space future, when we all have jet packs.

I am sorry I couldn't make this meet up, it sounds like it went off really well.
I'll try and make the one in Autumn, so do let me know about it if it goes ahead.

If you're doing Advanced Kick Boxing, does that mean you've already done elementary and intermediate Kick Boxing?
Are you liable to give a roundhouse kick to the head when riled?
Are you in fact a highly skilled individual who can dispatch three burly henchmen into stacks of cardboard boxes with ease?

Really lovely drawing by the way. It has inspired me :)

cassia said...

ahh, John. You know 'proper space future' in this country would be run by the same neanderthals that run the rest of British transport. The jetpacks wouldn't run on sundays due to engineering and the holes in fabric of time wouldn't be worth even thinking about at rush hour...

will definitely let you know about the meeting.

And yes, a roundhouse kick to head height might be plausible... but far less devastating, due to my head being at the same height to most peoples shins...

Lynne Chapman said...

Glad it was such a lovely, cuddly, colourful success on Saturday. So sorry I couldn't make it - if you give me due notice, I will try and book the train 3 months in advance next time!

Since it is now 'tomorrow', I hope your meeting went well and you are feeling content and smug as a wombat, and are suitable scone-rich in your celebrations this pleasant evening. x

matt dawson said...

Hey Cass,
How about a "scribble" of illustrators...? It was grand to be part of last weeks scribble and I'd love to scribble again with everyone ASAP (see it's both a collective noun and a verb ;) Boy, glad I didn't offend you in anyway last week or I would have risked a flurry of kicks to the face! So, I'm a little late, but I hope the completed job went well (look forward to the post, no pressure ;) and the exciting meeting bears/bore... well I hope it was suitably fruity! Love the bedroom sketch, snuggly balanced with a great gag... although in the present hot spell looking at those hot water bottles has me precipitating like Scotland too!!! Phew! Have another scone on me... PS. Waitrose own fresh croissants, oh boy!

Thomas Taylor said...

I'd be keen for the Autumn. Put me down for one of those, please.