Monday, July 26, 2010

New Work

Ahh, we had a house inspection yesterday. For which, I eradicated my studio of; fossilised banana peel, the random dead souls of cashew nuts (MIA from a lunch long past), and non-descript fluff. It's now lush in here. In fact, I've decided (as of today) that it's so scrummy in its' gleaming and pristine state, I shall never work again; for fear of spoiling its' immense beauty.

In keeping with my new philosophy of non-work, I saw Eclipse. It's not that the Twilight movies are ridiculously good, as such. (When it comes to vampire teen angst, you don't have to do much to please me, anyway). But, they do have this, sort of, lasting atmosphere to them. It took me a good 24 hours to shake the heady scent of teen spirit from my aging neurons. Made me want to dye my hair black and slob about, glaring at everything; from inanimate objects to newborn babies and kittens... oh no, wait, I do that anyway.... well, apart from the kittens (awww!)

My friend, Joe, wrote an article on books that have been successfully made into movies. I think (though he'd probably want to beat me, and then drown me for my book choice) even Joe would have to admit the conversion from book to film has been pretty seemless for the Meyer novels, and that is pretty unusual... although perhaps it's because they're pretty silly to begin with... Eclipse isn't as good as New Moon though. If this makes any sense, it leaves you less room to add your own imagination to the film, and is a bit more prescriptive... perhaps because there's more actual plot to it.

I also:

- went to see The Bush The Tree and Me play. Brilliant band- look them up on spotify and enjoy.

-drew my dog. (she moved before I could finish her properly, so she kind of looks like she has no eyes...oops!)

-discovered Strada chocolate tart (worth an entire blog post in itself)

-watched 17 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance (and what?!!!)

-went to Liverpool to see friends and get beat up by them (BJJ-stylee) and to Manchester Children's Book Festival to meet up with lovely illustrator folk and see my old Illustration tutor; the great John Lawrence, give a talk. Lovely and brilliant man. I hope one day I too have a 'tache and sideys as distinguished as John's. I reckon he's like Sampson, and all his illustrative strength is nestled in them. If you don't already know him, do google him. His work's beautiful.

-saw Inception- ooh, is all I can say... far better, (and the teen in me is throwing a full-blown strop at me for saying this) than Eclipse.

So, you see; my studio's far too lacking in fluff, and I'm FAR too busy to work, anyway. I simply will not sacrifice its' Fairy Liquid sparkle...

Oh, go on then, hand me that pencil and that packet of nuts...

Here's something of my new picture book project. I'm sure it'll change hugely before you next see it, but it was fun working slightly differently in technique. I'm LOVING the freedom of it being picture-led too; being able to draw whatever I want, and just chuck it right into the text. I've been lucky with the texts I've had so far, but there's nothing quite like being able to dictate for yourself where the story goes. (whether the sales people like my slap-dash attitude has yet to be seen- eek! I shall keep you informed.)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cassia's Escape To Wonderland

Remember that meeting I was all of a' dither about? Well, it was all about this; a children's book illustration retrospective. Exciting because... well, for a start, how many children's book retrospective exhibitions ever come along! But also, because I'm getting to exhibit in it, which is terrifying as well as amazingly thrilling.

To accompany the show, I've started up a separate blog, which I think might be slightly less chaotic than my normal one... and perhaps a little more, ahem, well-to-do!

I'll still post up here though with all the general news and gossip.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lively Elizabeth Event!

Just a quickie to say, the marvellous folk at Waterstones Guildford High Street, have been weaving their magic once more, to put together another Lively Elizabeth event.

Details of the event are:

Waterstones Guildford High Street
Monday 2nd August. 3.30pm

for a fantastic book reading and treasure hunt.
FREE fun for all the family!

Here's the link to it on the Waterstones site.

I might sneak down there myself to take some piccies!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drawing board

It's a long shot (so long that I can't even see the other side of it) but I was wondering if anyone in the Surrey area had a drawing board they wouldn't mind kindly loaning me for an exhibition from August to the beginning of January....? Anyone? Hmm....

Failing that, if any of you have ideas on where I might be able to borrow one from, please give me a yell. So far, I have emailed Ikea (awaiting a response) and my Uncle David... Yes, people, my search has been far-reaching! Any further suggestions, please do let me know. Mucho Gracias to you all.

More soon (I promise!)

In the mean time, here's my first attempt at a character for a much younger audience (yes, the sad irony smacks you in the face, doesn't it?) He was given a warm reception from the publishers a couple of months back, but given his species, I'm guessing he mightn't be deemed appropriate in the UK at the moment, poor guy. Let's hope people react responsibly to what was a pretty one-off tragic accident, and we continue to see foxes out and about... not to mention in children's books!