Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drawing board

It's a long shot (so long that I can't even see the other side of it) but I was wondering if anyone in the Surrey area had a drawing board they wouldn't mind kindly loaning me for an exhibition from August to the beginning of January....? Anyone? Hmm....

Failing that, if any of you have ideas on where I might be able to borrow one from, please give me a yell. So far, I have emailed Ikea (awaiting a response) and my Uncle David... Yes, people, my search has been far-reaching! Any further suggestions, please do let me know. Mucho Gracias to you all.

More soon (I promise!)

In the mean time, here's my first attempt at a character for a much younger audience (yes, the sad irony smacks you in the face, doesn't it?) He was given a warm reception from the publishers a couple of months back, but given his species, I'm guessing he mightn't be deemed appropriate in the UK at the moment, poor guy. Let's hope people react responsibly to what was a pretty one-off tragic accident, and we continue to see foxes out and about... not to mention in children's books!


Olly said...

I love him! Glad to meet this character you've been talking about at last. Looking forward to seeing what this fox gets up to next Xx

cassia said...

ta, Olly, but this is Quentin Fox and not Pooshnoozle. Pooshnoozle is the little guy wrapped up in bed with Molly in the previous post. Am working on more Pooshnoozle stuff atm. will post soon. xxx

mai s kemble said...

I like his fuzzy furry tail... nice texture there. :)
nice nice nice!!
I wish I lived near but I don't otherwise, you'd have an artboard ... NOW. in the meantime, good luck with your hunt!

Lynne Chapman said...

He is gorgeous! Love his skinny but hairy little arms and legs. The Americans will probably make you turn him into a racoon though...

Re drawing board - have you posted a request on Freecycle? I asked for an A1 drawing board a couple of years back and got 3 responses! When you've finished, you could just put it back on Freecycle and give it away.

cassia said...

a raccoon, Lynne- genius!!! I was trying to think of another animal to do in the same style. One that was cute, but not too cute... Excellent. I might give that a go! AND, I might send both to the States... foxes might be acceptable there. Plus, I shall definitely give freecycle a go. You win the award for most useful comment! Thank you muchly!!!

Mai, I've decided you should move. I'd love to see your work in the flesh and it's the only way- now go buy yourself a plane ticket!


Jon Davis said...

Well, I think he's really good, spot on for a cute character aimed at younger kids stuff.
He is very very sweet and cute, with lots of character.
I am a bit jealous of him, and may now have to have a go at a cute character as well :)

I reckon if you spend a bit of time doing some example illustrations and character studies and all that, in a month or two everything'll have moved on, and people will just see him for the lovely chap he is.

And I think Quentin is a good name.

I can't think of any lendable drawing boards near me I'm afraid.
Do you mean a draughtsman's board on a stand, or an easel, or a piece of wood you set on your knee for life drawing?
My best one of the latter was one I had at college, and it was just a rectangle of wood, just over A2, half an inch thick.
You might be able to get one of these from a wood yard for not much.

cassia said...

thanks, Jon. I'm fond of him too. It's fun drawing summat other than kids for a change. With a simple character you can concentrate on posture and movement more easily without worrying too much that the characters nostrils look too nostrily, or that their ears are where their eyes should be!

Did you get my comment on your man with the super large trews? It doesn't seem to have come out on your page. He's brilliant.

What I'm looking for, is a drawing board/desk to lay out some work on, as if the illustrator's just left their studio. I have an easel though, so I'll take that too, I think.


Angela Matteson said...

This fox is wonderful! I love your soft linework.

cassia said...

Thanks very much, Angela. Your work is lovely, btw too. I left you a rambly comment on your blog to tell you so! :0)

Angela Matteson said...

Thanks so much for your sweet rambly comment....my favorite kind!

Joanna Dover said...

Love Quentin!! he's fab. Oh - if only I still lived in Surrey you could have borrowed my drawing board, but it's now in California - sorry! Hope you find one.

cassia said...

I'm glad, Angela- it's the only kind I do!

Joanna- ahh, you've reminded me to start work on my time machine... I shall get on to it today! :0)

loodles said...

love Quentin. He's got lots of character already :o)

cassia said...

ta, m'lady! Hope you enjoy your iced buns (phnar phnar!) xxx

Katrin said...

I love him!!
He is so cute :-) and I would love to see more of him!

I love your drawing stil very much! So cute!!!

Have a very nice day,
greetings from Germany,


(... only author, I can*t drawing very well, hehe)

cassia said...

I hope you do get to see more of him, Katrin. I'm sending off an idea involving him this week, so fingers crossed! xxx

Quintin Fox said...

As a genuine Quintin Fox I can only ask that he uses his cheeky grin and boyish charm to get out of our any naughty shenanigans he may well get himself into... A rounder belly and a hairier chin may raise some eyebrows in my family. Good luck.