Monday, August 9, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Lots to tell you about the exhibition, so will write again tomorrow (when my head's stopped spinning quite so much). Will upload a couple of pics to my Lightbox blog tonight too. (Please remember to 'follow' that to receive regular updates).

Meanwhile, I went to do some life drawing for the first time in YEARS yesterday, and remembered how much I love it. Great fun. And for added enjoyment, this was in a pub too! What better place, eh??

It was run by a chappie called Jake Spicer, who puts on themed events. Ours was Alice in Wonderland, so I thought it'd tie in quite nicely to the exhibition. I have to say, when I got there I didn't think there had been too much effort put in to the theme. The Caterpillar was a lass draped in green sari fabric and the Queen of Hearts had a ruffle around her neck and hearts on her naughty bits! That said, they're a company based in Brighton, and I think the themes they do on their hometurf are a lot more realised by the look of their website.

The standard of the modelling was brilliant. The girls had such poise; choosing beautifully dynamic poses and holding them naturally for as long as necessary. I hadn't really thought about the complexity of poses before last night, but it struck me that the ability of the models was leading to some quite tricky drawing. I found it brilliant and challenging. I doubt I'd ever get bored of drawing the human form anyway, but the same old poses don't push you quite so much. I did wonder about the folk that said it was their first time life drawing though. I think the setting of the pub was a clever one. It gave a very informal atmosphere. I can't imagine anyone felt pressurised, even if the drawing was tough. It meant a lot more people were asking eachother for help and suchlike and that's not something, in my experience, that happens much in a regular class.

I had a great time, and really hope it turns out to be a regular thing.

The first two sets of pics are 2 min poses. Then a 5 min and a 20 min. Personally, I think I'm better at the short poses. I'm not sure whether it's because I'm less practiced at the longer ones, or that I have to be energetic in the shorter ones, but I think a lot of life goes out of my longer poses. That's great though, as I have a solid goal to work towards in future sessions.


Thomas Taylor said...

Lovely sketches, Cass. I realy miss life-drawing and can't wait to find a group near me. Brighton's a touch too far though:-/

cassia said...

thanks, Thomas. Yeah, I knew I missed it, but I didn't know how much until I got there. It feels like drawing with different brain muscles! I know that doesn't make any sense, but it is completely different than drawing from your imagination, isn't it? I'd forgotten how little overlap there was!

I know Guildford isn't any easier for you, Thomas, but I should point out that it was there that we drew.

matt dawson said...

Hi Cass, Great to see you at the lightbox, quite a day for you I'm sure...only sorry I didn't have the time for the life drawing too. Sounded like a unique life class to be sure! I concur, it's been ages since I stretched the life drawing muscles and I really miss it... as does my anatomy drawing skills!!! If you hear of another one I'll put it in the diary for sure!

cassia said...

absolutely, Mr Dawson- will let you know if I hear anything. How did your spread go? Can't wait to see the results, and weep at what it's possible for someone else to achieve in a day!

Was brilliant to see you- really nice surprise to top off a fantastic day.

Louise Cunningham said...

Lovely bottoms!

cassia said...

lol. Ta, Miss!