Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Off to Londers with Quentin.

I'm off to take Quentin Fox to his first publishers' meeting tomorrow. It's hugely exciting for the both of us, especially as it's not a publisher I've been to see before. (Expect a pending update on my description of publishing house buildings!)

Many people who aren't in the business assume that once you've seen a publisher, things snowball really quickly from there. Well, they can do. You do hear tales of Emily Gravett types that get taken up by the first publisher they contact, and it does all happen almost over night. Sadly, this isn't the norm though. It can take MONTHS for a story to go through the various stages of acceptance or, unfortunately, rejection.

That said, I'm still very hopeful about Quentin as a character. There is a DISTINCT possibility I'm biased, and he's so much fun to draw that perhaps I'm deluding myself, but I do honestly believe he's got things to do and places to be. Although he's receiving a fair amount of interest from different parties, and tomorrow's publisher does so far seem keen, I shall still approach tomorrow with EXTREME caution. Let's hope he doesn't fall at the first hurdle. I'll let you know how Stage 1 of the operation goes.


claire barone art said...

good luck he looks fantastic im a illustration grad but never got any work apart from 2 very small published pieces that are lost that was years ago only now am i thinking of giving it another go xx

Thomas Taylor said...

Good luck to you and Quentin! He looks like great fun.

Joanna Dover said...

Best of luck in the big smoke with the little fox! Make sure Quentin looks after you - after all, foxes look super cute but are super smart too :)

cassia said...

thanks all. It's been a very long day. I always feel I'm convalescing from a deeply dramatic, Jane Austen-esque, unspecified illness when I return from a publishers... I think it's the combination of adrenaline, nerves, and more than my normal amount of concentration! Currently flopped on sofa.

Claire, very best of luck with it all. Good on you for not giving up on your dreams- and your work's very good, btw. I hope it brings you oodles of happiness and success!

mai s kemble said...

oh god I hope it goes well!!!
he IS very adorable and I think I would like to see him do all that he can do!!!

Jon Davis said...

Excellent, good luck with him.
I think he's got lots of potential too.
He's pretty individual too, I think, he doesn't remind me of anyone else, which should be a good thing.

cassia said...

thanks Jon and Mai. Have some tinkering to do with the story and then will cross my fingers for him.