Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PLR petition

PLR (public lending rights) allows an author/illustrator a small earning from each lending of their work from a public library (6p per lend). The government want to drastically cut this funding.

There are but a few JKRowling's, Stephanie Meyer's, and Quentin Blakes. Many of us, if not most of us struggle to make ends meet and every penny makes a difference. Please, please show your support of PLR funding by signing this petition.


Joanna Dover said...

Hey! How did Quentin go in the big smoke?

Jon Davis said...

Good post, I have signed the petition.
I saw you mention this on Twitter, and reTweeted, and I shall now put it up on my own Blog, I think :)

cassia said...

the meeting went well, miss Dover... got a little lost on the way to the building, but I'm told that's a regular thing (it is for me, anyway! :0) ) Will just have to cross fingers now. Will let you know how it goes.

Jon, good job, Sir!


matt dawson said...

Will sign asap! I've fingers and toes crossed for Quentin (and his 'agent' :) Hope you're back on your feet OK after the damaged foot incident...?! Away for a week, but we must have that drink sometime, you'll have to accept a drink as your commission for being my advisor ;)

cassia said...

yup. gimme a yell when you're back, Mr Dawson. I'd be glad to accept my fee. x