Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Enjoy the States, Lizzie!

Woohoo! It's out! Storming the Empire State Building, shopping its' little heart out in Bloomingdales, tightrope-walking across the Grand Canyon and having a cheeky flutter in Vegas. Lively Elizabeth is officially out in the U.S. and here's the proof!

Here's its first American review, from the August 15th edition of Kirkus. I could marry the reviewer!

'Elizabeth is more than lively; she’s a very noisy whirling dervish. One day at nursery school she pushes Joe. He knocks the child in front of him and thus begins a chain reaction that involves all the children in the class. Each one blames the one behind until they realize that Elizabeth started it all. She is contrite, apologizes sincerely and all is well in this very slight cautionary tale. Bergman describes the action with sharp imagery that is beautifully complemented by Thomas’s bright, spirited illustrations that race across the pages. The children are dressed in a wild variety of costumes and accessories that are flung about and make a resounding, booming noise as they come crashing down. Both the text and artwork capture the chaos vividly. Young readers will delight in details like untied shoes, silly headgear and the classroom frog on the loose. Parents and teachers will find it a great candidate for reading aloud, for it tickles the funny bone while providing a gentle lesson on safety. A sweet charmer. (Picture book. 3-7)'

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Faye said...

Awesome! See, I TOLD you! x

mai s kemble said...

OOooooooooh !!!!!!!

I live in the States!!!
That means I can buy it!!!!

I'll have to post a pic once I get a copy... I am very intrigued by the storyline... ;)
my nephew could use a lesson in chain reactions... har har.
YAY- awesome!!!

cassia said...

Ahh, Mai, you're a star. Hope you're taking a little r+r for yourself before you plough into the next project.

Faye, :0P

Thomas Taylor said...

I had to do a double take when I read "Thomas' bright, spirited illustrations..."

Well done on such a good review, and good luck in the States, Bizzy Lizzy:)

Jon Davis said...

It is a very nice review, but not just nice, it's also true :)

Lynne Chapman said...

Oh - what a lovely one! Well done, and well deserved.

By the way lassie, keep meaning to ask - want to do a bookswap? A signed Lively Elizabeth for a signed one of mine?


Lisa Evans said...

Congratulations Cassia :) x