Tuesday, September 28, 2010

George and Ghost- launch dates and party.

Brrr! It's getting a wee bit parky outside, isn't it? On my 'commute' this morning (from my front door, around and about a bit... and then back to my front door) I noticed the sky had developed that Winter bleak, indulgently wretched look- you know the one. It's been grey for weeks, but suddenly it's seems the colour gets sucked out of the landscape as well. It's the look every good Brit waits for, groans, and then enjoys a really excellent, hearty moan about.

"Ooh, Summer's over again!"

"What Summer?!" *chortle, chortle*

"Have you seen Tesco have got Christmas stuff in ALREADY?!"

"£10 for a box of Quality Street- I ASK you!!!" Etc. Etc.

No, this is not a generalisation. Every Brit does it- it's true. You get to a certain age and suddenly, in order to communicate with other people of a certain age, you turn into Nora Batty. TRUST ME!

Anyway, I noticed that the woodland was starting to get that tree graveyard feel to it. The paths were strewn with tiny leaf skeletons. I always mean to collect some up for an un-named 'crafty' project, and always leave it too late. Probably a good thing. I have indulged in this kind of romantic notion once or twice before, filling my pockets with multi-coloured gems. Each time is all fun and games until I discover an earwig laughing evily in my studio chair or a hoard of woodlice in my afternoon cuppa. Oh yes, it's not such a hoot then! The door's flung open and the unfinished collage/painting is tossed out the door amidst a flurry of foot-stamping, hair-brushing and shrieking; alongside tutting and panicked scurrying from the relevant evacuating little beastie(s).

However, this years' "Is it too early to put the heating on?" conversation means only one thing to me. That's right, everybody! Not Halloween, not Bonfire Night, no! It means something even more exciting! Oh yes! It means that the launch date of 'George and Ghost' is nearly upon us! Huzzah, eh?! Eh???! Thrilling stuff indeed!

I got my advance copies a couple of weeks ago- hugely exciting as I received a hardback AND a paperback! This is the first time I've actually seen my work in paperback. Somehow this makes it seem all the more official, since it's the paperbacks we're more familiar with seeing in the shops these days, isn't it? and I think the printers have done a lovely job with both. Hugely excited to see how it does. Currently, it'll just be the hardback on public release, mind. You shall have wait patiently and form an orderly queue for the paperback... In fact, I don't even know when that'll be out.

Yes. So I think you should all chuck on another pair of thermal undies, knit yourselves a tea-cosy hat and go and put in a pre-order. Now, dagnammit! What are you waiting for??? The official launch date is the 4th November, but I'm pretty sure if you chop-chop and get those orders flying, any of you folk wanting it in time for Halloween won't be disappointed.

If you want to come and hear more about 'George and Ghost', I shall be doing two events at The Lightbox in Woking on the 30th October. 1pm and 3pm. Advanced booking strongly recommended (both the Lively Elizabeth events sold out before the day).

There will be all manner of games and activities, including a treasure hunt, a game of 'Ghostbusters', drawing with me (always fun to see how much I screw up!), and a 'George and Ghost' reading. As it's Halloween, fancily-dressed and particularly scary-looking kids (practice those monster faces now, please!) will be awarded prizes.

If you're too far away from The Lightbox to make it to the events (I fail to believe you could have ANYTHING more important to do on that weekend) then you can also order your books via me, which will mean you'll get a personal inscription and a little drawing,- so please, do dry your tears! The book's priced at £10.99 + p+p.

Right, I'm off to go and put my feet in the toaster, and stick a glove on my nose.


Kate Slater said...

Congratulations Cassia! Very exciting indeed. Having a book published certainly makes up for having to turn the lights on in the morning (I feel my stockings wrinkling as I type...).

P.S. My word for verification is bedlypan. Brilliant!

cassia said...

One of the very best things about leaving comments is anticipation of rude or odd verification words. Excellent things.

Huge congratulations with your book too. Everyone (once you've purchased George and Ghost- naturally) go buy 'Magpie's Treasure.'

Catupover said...

Hi Cassia, hope everything goes well for you. Such a shame I'm now so far away but I'll be very active over here for the March launch. It's a beautiful book...wonderful illustrator, great editor...and ... gotta be chuffed a little myself.

Jon Davis said...

It is very autumnal, isn't it - conkers and brown leaves, kids trudging to school in wellies and anoraks.
We've been putting the heating on, not because it's particularly cold, cos it's still quite mild, but cos the air's so saturated with moisture it takes ages to dry the blimmin washing.
So we stick the radiators on a bit to give things a head start.
We've got towels that are taking about a week to dry. Nightmare.

Top news with George and Ghost though, that's really exciting.
You seem to be getting a nice few launch parties and events and interviews and fun stuff like that with your books, so that's really cool.
Keep it all up :)

Emily said...

Silly girl! Everyone knows gloves are for ears!
Congrats on the new release!

matt dawson said...

A hearty warm congratulations on C&G... to keep you warm on these cold mornings.... it IS getting wintry don't you find... and the xmas cards are in Waitrose! Actually it's my fave time of year with gorgeous autumn colours and clear crisp days. Like you I've grabbed pocketfuls of leaves for a collage and found my desk besieged by buggies! I'll try to make the 30th at Lightbox but it might well be a no go, sorry. If I don't see you break a leg...should that be break a lead...? And by the by I didn't buy it from you but I've a copy of L.E. for your scribble when I see you next!

cassia said...

yay, Catriona! Can't wait!

Thanks, Jon. Don't mention the washing situation. I'm making my socks last that extra day as everything takes YEARS to dry! good job blogs can't smell, eh?

Thanks, Emily. Of course!!! I always knew I was an eccentric- I'll go put them in their proper place immediately.

Matt, I'll be gutted if you don't make it to The Lightbox on the 30th. I'm sure you promised to help me out... I've got it in writing somewhere I'm sure... *sulks*

Juan said...

Congratulations Cassia! Wonderful work!

cassia said...

thanks, Juan. :0)