Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lively Elizabeth podcast.

Lively Elizabeth's lovely U.S. publishers, Albert Whitman, have put up a podcast interview with myself and Mara to celebrate its' U.S. launch.

You can read Albert Whitman's blog and listen to the recording here

It was great fun to do, if a little scary. You can hear a couple of points where Mara and I are confused as to what to say when. And whilst Mara is a Lady with a capital 'L', I'm just glad I didn't totally disgrace myself.

If you read my Lightbox blog, you'll know I recently did a radio interview in my P.J's. I can confirm that this interview was a civilised affair- Not a slipper or hot botty in sight!!!


Gorillustrator said...

Excellent interview Cass, nicely done.

Jon Davis said...

Good interview. Well done for not saying anything like, 'erm... I dunno really' or 'at the end of the day' or 'it's kinda, sorta, you know what I mean?'
Well done for being interviewed in the US and everything, it's all very exciting stuff.
Love the photo of you looking over your shoulder in a fashion stylee. Top stuff.
How did you manage to do the Lightbox interview in your pj's? Did you go on the bus to the radio station, teddy under one arm?

matt dawson said...

As Jon says, very stylish over the shoulder pic ;) I'll listen to the podcast tonight... By the by, what's your process with the 'digital beefing' before going back to pencils...? Do you tweek contrast (curves / levels) in photoshop to see where you might take things...?

Congrats on storming the colonies! The US is your oyster... cue film/photo montage of Cass in various US locations, photographed looking over her shoulder of course, with a soundtrack of "start spreadin' the neeeeeewsa. I'm leavin' todaaaaaaaya. I'm gonna be a part of it....! Keep us posted on operation 'Global Liz'!

matt dawson said...

Well done on the podcasts, you came across very well indeed, especially on the lightbox. Passionate about the subject, thoughtful, articulate... but definitely not a grown up I'm glad to hear ;) Bravo, encore!

cassia said...

thanks all.

Jon, it wasn't the Lightbox interview, it was a radio one which made my pyjamma-ry-ness easy since it was over the phone. And I'd never have my teddy with me, he has an enormous ego and would hog all the limelight.

re: over the shoulder. I stick my tongue out at both of you- it was the only photo I had taken in *relatively* recent years where I wasn't a complete wreck or that wasn't postage stamp-sized. (the picture, not me- I'm slightly larger than a postage stamp)

Matt, I do tweak bits, but I also draw into it on the tablet.

Jack Foster said...

Great blog Cassia! I had a blast scrolling through your wonderful illustrations and witty lines. Congrats on your books!

cassia said...

Jack, thanks for your kind words. very much appreciated. :0)