Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Piccy

I'm currently working on this, and feeling very cross-eyed with it. Been a while since I worked on something detailed, and am really enjoying it.

I like to put a picture such as this into photoshop towards the end of its' drawing to test out details, so this has been digitally 'beefed up'. Will then go back and redo the 'beefing up' manually since I've now worked out where it's lacking. Don't think I can face it today though. Am at that point where I might grow impatient, go mental with my pencil and cock it all up. Might take a little walk and work on something else.

Am jolly chuffed I got to use the phrase's 'beefing up' and 'cock it up' in one blog post though. Tremendously satisfying. There's not enough 'beefing up' in my life!


Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi Cassia, this this fabulous one.. I would like to see the details better.. they seem so rich and luminous.
colored then should be stunning.!!

cassia said...

thanks a lot, Yasmin. Hopefully this will be one in a series and I will get around to colouring them, so please come back soon! x

Thomas Taylor said...

A great drawing. It seems to glow with moonlight. If you do cock it up beefily though, you should then start horsing around. That way you'll have the whole farmyard.

cassia said...

a darned good point, Thomas. When I inevitably do cock it up, I'll keep the horsing around in mind!

Lisa Evans said...

Gorgeous drawing Cassia x

cassia said...

thanks, Lisa! Looking forward to catching up soon. x

Jon Davis said...

Yes, if you cock it up with too much beefing from horsing around, you may end up feeling a bit sheepish, and put yourself in the doghouse.

But enough of that, lovely picture.
I really like the big furry monster chap.
Looking forward to seeing how you do the colours, so do please post one of it with colour :)

Coreopsis said...

and "jolly chuffed" too! This is an amazing drawing.

cassia said...

Jon, that cracked me up. thanks

Coreopsis, lol! Congrats on your British-ism there!

To further your education, here's a link for more uses of 'chuffed'


SKIZO said...