Friday, November 5, 2010

Ahem... remember me?

My keyboard seems to be slightly rusty. I think there might be cobwebs on my mouse... and a small family of something very furry seem to have taken up residence in my brain. Yes, it has been a quite a while since I donned my bloggers' hat.

It's Friday night. In fact it's Guy Fawkes. I know what you're asking yourself; What on earth is a wild child, party animal like Miss Thomas doing choosing this precise moment to dust off her fantastically neglected journal? Surely she must have a red carpet to stroll down? Rooms to light up? Thigh high boots, a conical bra, and pink hot pants to slip into...? Ahem... perhaps not!

No, my rather wonderful blogsters. I choose to spend my evening with you... wrapped up in a warm cloud of dog fart. For Guy Fawkes is a night my dog enjoys almost as much as the V.E.T's cold thermometer up the backside. And being the caring sharing sort, I'm caring at home with her, and now sharing my pain with you. She's been following me about all evening like a bad smell. Literally, in fact, a bad smell. Fireworks seem to bring out her fragrant side.

Anyway, much to tell you.
1. I'm 5 episodes into The Vampire Diaries and there's not been nearly enough Damon for my liking. Indeed, I've turned it off in disgust, and hope my hearty protest has taught them a valuable lesson in time for episode 6.

2. I went to a rather wonderful talk at The Lightbox, by David McKee (of Not Now, Bernard fame). If you ever get chance to hear this man speak, it's well-worth the trip. He's completely barking, in the nicest possible way. I aspire to be that bonkers by the time I'm his age. And hopefully just as inspirational. I loved his quote (and I know I'm going to get this wrong) about how he writes for the adult a child will become and the part of an adult that always remains a child... I'm sure it made more sense when he said it though....

3. Dobby died.... again. Which means I've been through 3 HP books in the last couple of weeks.

4. I went to a Hodder Press evening, which was fantastic fun. I got to catch up again with Melanie Williamson; possibly one of the loveliest illustrators in all the land. I also got to meet Lee Wildish; possibly one the dishiest illustrators in all the land....!

5. I did two workshops at The Lightbox (will chat further about this over at my lightbox blog later this weekend).

6. I received a one-off, original, unique, totally one-of-a-kind artwork from the totally (but very quietly) god-like Matt Dawson. I now have to buy a mansion to exhibit it in, but I'm entirely convinced it'll be worth the investment. I shall scan it for the next post to make you guys jealous.

7. Start Fitness seem to be hounding me via email. Really, what IS the deal?! Surely they can't know I've eaten one and a half bars of Green and Blacks and a Chris Evans cupcake today, can they?!!

8. I've ALMOST entirely been seduced by the idea of an I-phone. Someone stop me. Please. Please? It would be ridiculous. A girl that rarely leaves her pj's let alone her house does not need that kind of kit! But it has an app to help you work out your zombie survival plan.... want, want...

9. Pooshnoozle is finally going off to be looked at by the powers-that-be at Egmont. December brings with it either an over-flowing sack of publishing goodness, or the lump of coal that is defeat. I feel I've done all I can, so I think I can rest easy and toast my tootsies on the warm glow of hope. If all goes wrong, there's always the welcoming embrace of Egg-nog to look forward to instead.

10. I've almost entirely run out of clean socks. I'd better do some washing.

11. I'm supposed to be going shopping for a bridesmaid dress tomorrow. I'm sure a 1930's silk bias cut will look excellent with odd socks in different stages of disintegration... Hmm...

12. I've been offered an exciting new text for Hodder. Huzzah! It still needs to go to scary Acquisitions, but could be very groovy if it makes it. Nice!

13. Lively Elizabeth is being reprinted in The States! Whoop whoop!

I think that does pretty much bring you bang up to speed with things. The dog seems to have puffed herself out... however you want to take that. And I think I shall away to bed. Hope you have a good one. Thank you and G'night!


Eric Orchard said...

Yay! Good to hear from you, here. Great drawings (.....get the iPhone.....)

Thomas Taylor said...

That's quite a list, Cass. Please apply congrats/good luck/aw! as appropriate.

Laurie said...

At last! What an informative post - if I was that busy, I'd been tired - very, very tired!

Lynne Chapman said...

Well, my goodness, what a lot of exciting (and whiffy) stuff to tell. It all sounds ripe with success and potential - well done you!

matt dawson said...

Sucks C...'god like'...I'm staring at my feet now and stammering like hugh grant. Just glad you liked the piccie :-)

I really hope your egg-nog cocktails aren't on the (coal) rocks... and that your tootsies stay toastie warm! Pooshnoozle... I'm intruiged and hope to see more soon!

Catch up soon...I'll use the tradesman's entrance of your new mansion ;-)

Oh... I'm seduced by the iphone too...what are we to do when the zombies strike!!! Is there a dog flatulence app too...?

Jon Davis said...

Fab stuff.
Lots of good luck with Pooshnoozle and also the new text from Hodder, hope they come off :)
I quite fancy an iPad rather than an iPhone, cos of the comics reader and drawing program stuff.
Though I've decided to wait a few versions down the line to see if they might make the screen pressure sensitive, cos then the drawing app will be a deffo.

cassia said...

What is with you lot? You're supposed to be enticing me AWAY from the I-phone! I'm beginning to feel you may be in leagues with the heart of darkness i.e. the poisoned Apple! Arg... will power... fading!!!

Now, the question is, do we see I-phones/pads taking over the place of laptops at seminars? Because I'm thinking of buying a laptop to do talks on... what does everyone think? Or perhaps this is already the case and I'm behind the times!!!

Laurie and Thomas, I thank you for your comments of non-persuasive goodness!

mai s kemble said...

haha, I can relate to probably 7 of those and add a couple new ones on....

(more along the lines of crap I wanna buy that, and need to clean laundry).

I want to respond to just about every funny thing you said but I guess I should just say awesome post and I missed your blog. HAHA. I've been away too...

in any case the pics of Pooshnoozle are so frickin cute. OMG. Can I have one of those for a pet? I don't care if he farts all day.

Olly said...

I love reading your posts they always make me smile! xx