Friday, December 17, 2010

Pre- Christmas Tidyings! Ho ho!

It's been a bitty sort of a week. I think everyone's pretty much waiting for Christmas, but also not quite believing that it's almost here. It's a feeling mainly conducive to farting about, not doing much. I myself, have wafted about with a wisp of tinsel and a couple of well-hung baubles for several days, not quite able to commit them to a landing point.

I'm beginning to tinker with the inklings of my feelings about 2011, but I can't say I've really gotten used to writing 2010 yet. I've just finished (I hope!) with my tax return, and it's ridiculous how you can sum up an entire year in just a few (too many!) receipts.

Perhaps 2010 has been a bit of a non-year in many ways. I think it will be remembered (if indeed anyone can bare to remark upon it at all) as a kind of hiccup (or perhaps 'belch' might be a better word) in history.

However the great thing about a year such as 2010 is that it makes people more inclined to stick the boot in! I'm up for fighting for the things in my life that are important to me, and trimming away the ugly, fatty, slightly shameful parts (and I don't mean my love handles.... or wait, perhaps I do!)

Either way, 2011 will be a year of change, and that's quite exciting. I, for one, am definitely up for setting off on a new adventure. Who's with me?


Lynne Chapman said...

As long as I can do it in a vest, 3 jumpers, a woolly hat and my fingerless gloves - which is currently how I'm working!!! (oh, and trousers too, by the way).

Mundo Mundaca said...

I wish you the adventure of 2011 be full of joy and fun.
Have a nice Christmas.!

cassia said...

I'm unsurprised pants aren't on your list, Lynne!

Thank you, Yasmin! And yours too- may it be full of dancing rabbits, monkies wearing fez, and lots and lots of cake!

matt dawson said...

Onward and upward for 2011 C ! (like you I'm not yet used to writing 20 ten...) It was great to hear that Woking 6th form was so productive all round (if it was at the Woking college my day job is 5 minutes walk down the road...small world!). I can really see you carving out a niche for yourself in the educational establishments of Surrey, heck...the UK, darn it, the world :-) I think everyone looks back on their GCSE/Alevel artwork and winces. There are some portfolio cases still in my parents attic that I'm not ready to reopen. You are right about the whole degree/portfolio thing. I look at the facilities/opportunities that the youth of today (god I'm sounding old for 34...ok, nearly 35...) have at their fingertips.. cheaper home computing, the full use of computers in education and, of course, the internet... if you have the motivation, advice and ability it's all there for the taking... degree or not.

There's been at least one notable point for me in the 'belch' 2010...glad to have met you. Thanks for your support, sage advise and fun to be aroundedness! Merry Xmas and all you want for the new year! See you in January!

Now put that bauble and tinsel somewhere! ;-)

Joanna Dover said...

Count me in!! I agree, 2010 was a bit of a trip over the edge of a curled carpet. I am pleased to see that we all have hope and excitement about a brand new year ahead.

Happy Christmas to you!

Veronica said...

Never mind writing it, how do you say it - twenty eleven? Two thousand and eleven? I've no idea but, agreed, 2011 can only be better.

cassia said...

wish there was a 'like' button on here. I thoroughly approve of all three comments!

Happy new year all! x