Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well, I thought I'd 'bear' all...
I've been working with the big and fluffy today, trying to get things looking a bit more whole and complete. I'm still debating whether to keep the shadow (it was, as Bob Ross would say, 'a happy little accident'). Initially I quite liked it, but now I'm not sure it's not a bit distracting. Plus, the bear doesn't have one. I'm also wondering whether to go around the bear with a similar line to Goldilocks. What do you think?
In other news, it was S-U-N-N-Y today, and it's just been bliss. I've really been a very jolly camper today. Fingers crossed it's the start of some sort of a trend. I'm attempting to start swimming, and if it remains like this, I might almost actually go!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy new year, Lovely Peeps!

I very much hope you haven't broken your resolutions, and lapsed into a grey puddle at the feet of January.

Indeed, January is only eclipsed by February in the 'grimness' stakes- and that's coming from someone who's birthday is thus positioned. So, you see, I speak with wholly unbiased eyes! (And yes, I am presently accepting gifts and cards. For those of you feeling particularly generous, I am still after that i-phone!- So good of you to ask!)

Anyway, I don't think many folk would disagree with me that really, if we could just jiggle this annual malarkey around a little and wangle a couple of extra May's instead, the world would be a happier place. I'd even accept an additional April or an excess of October- I'm not fussy! However, this drab-ness drives me nuts. It's like living with a pessimist! "You might be in a good mood, but I wouldn't get used to it- I'll probably rain in a minute." "Oh, I wouldn't bother with today, I'll be getting dark at 2pm!" Yes, what a WONDERFUL month, January is!

As January's go though, this one HAS had it's upside's.

For example, it is the first one in AGES that I've actually felt; rested, relaxed and happy throughout. Normally I have work to do over the holiday, or we're moving. I've no idea why, but we ALWAYS move over Christmas- major no-no, I'd say. So January's are often spent trying to work out in what box I've packed the tin-opener, and whether anyone's seen the dog since I got a bit excited with the gaffer tape... This year I haven't even bothered to pack up the Christmas tree! It's still up, in all its' glory. Granted it's now sporting dusting baubles, but it's magnificent all the same. I have *cunningly* started refering to it as 'my birthday tree' instead (did I happen to mention that it was my BIRTHDAY?!)

I've started my first job of the year, which is a lovely, lively short commission, based on, 'The Three Bears'. I'm quite liking the short commission thing. You can get your creative chompers into something, without it being around long enough either to upset your various (and many) artistic insecurities, or to risk it getting dull. It's like a holiday of sorts!

I also have another rather significant project on the go, which will be under wraps for a few months yet.

And, I know someone's bound to mention Pooshnoozle. Well, the truth is that that lackadaisical little so-and-so didn't go to his final meeting before Christmas soooooooo..... the cliff-hanger continues. Will the stripey one ever be released into the great wide world or not? It will now fall to our friend, January to decide his fate. It will either be hugely illuminated with his triumph or deadened with disappointment! The initial signs are good and the first two meetings went without a hitch, but things could still go either way.

December holds it's own pretty well. January, on the other hand, needs all the help it can get, so let's all cross our fingers and hope it's good news- it has, afterall, been uncharacteristically frisky, so far!

Right, now off you all pop - The shops shut soon and I demand a three-tiered cake! Chop chop!