Monday, January 17, 2011

Water colour


ti-igra said...

This is a fantastic colour adventure!!! Wow!!! So cool! :-D I feel the breath of the waves!

Katrin said...

This is a wonderful color adventure, I love it! And - yes!!!, I can feel the breath of the waves too :-)! Your water color is awesome! You're a great artist!!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Greetings from Germany,

(@ruedelchen on twitter ;-) )

cassia said...

thank you, both! Hope all is well with you this dark and dismal morning?

Jon Davis said...

Good stuff, I like the upside-downess, and it's a lovely solid bit of drawing, nice form on the boat, and nice details.
Somehow it's very satisfying to look at, which I think is a good thing :)
Is this just an experiment or is it from anything?

cassia said...

it's a bit of both, Jon. It's a character piece for a text I'm looking at, but it's also an experiment as the publisher is interested in me working in watercolour.

I think the thing that's mainly weirding me out about this is that you have to make colour decisions as you paint. photoshop is so much easier to faff about with.

I'm also not sure if it starts to make my work too cute. I do appreciate it brings out the drawing though, which is what they're mainly after.

mai s kemble said...

.... I think I said "heck yea"
to this...only I didn't say heck... nor did I say hell...

awesome illustration!!!! :)

cassia said...

ta, Miss Mai!

Sheena said...

Hello, I am procrastinating today and have been reading through your blog. I think this is BEAUTIFUL, I don't know why you say you find watercolour difficult, you are very excellent at using it! x