Monday, February 28, 2011


I want to draw your attention to a truly scrumptious new blog. It's by a rather cute, and hugely well-read, pug I know, called The Book Sniffer. You can't fail to be impressed, not only with this canine's knowledge of books, but also just how goshdarned well-connected she is!

The only downside being, that the Book Sniffer has had the thoroughly bad taste to interview me as well. Well, she is a dog afterall, and dogs do lick their own- er, well, never mind...

However, the puglicious one also interviewed my dog, Sheba The Bear. Let's face it, as far as dynamic duo's go, The Bear is definitely the brains of the operation, so do go and check out her barks of wisdom here.

In other news, it is a sad, sad week. The beautiful Emma O'D is leaving our fair Hachette. If you ask me, Emma is truly one of the rare gems of publishing. She has, as you know, looked after me at my events, and has gone above-and-beyond to sort everything needed, and to calm frayed nerves- often on a Saturday! She's also just a blimmin' lovely person. Every author/illustrator I know who's worked with her at Hodder or Orchard adores her, and will be gutted to see her go.

Before too many tears are shed mind, Emma is leaving to a brand, spanking new position at Templar- huzzah! I'm sure she'll be just as well-loved there. Emma, I wish you the very best of luck with it all, Lovely! Three *thoroughly over emotional* cheers for the marvellous Miss O'D!


Alex T. Smith said...

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Emma is utterly fabulous! You are right - a real gem! She is going to be sadly missed by me, Claude and Sir Bobblysock!


cassia said...

and that's a whole lot of missing... :0(