Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More bleedin' bears...

Well, I *think* it's *hopefully* MAYBE safe to say, that I've finished with Goldenhair and the Three Bears.

It's been a great project for experimentation, and I think I've learnt a lot from it. As per usual, there are things I would do differently, but I think that's healthy, and it's given me a lot to move forward with. It was a tight deadline, (the tightest I've ever worked with) and I'm really pleased that it turned out well.

Since then, I've continued working a bit more mixed-media on this new image below, and it's been refreshing to steer clear from photoshop quite so much.

It's very much a love/hate relationship that I have with photoshop. I love that it allows me to try stuff without ruining my original image, but I think recently it's become a bit prison-like. Ironically it seems to have made me MORE precious about images; taking MORE time, not less over my work. Spending ages over one image is confidence-destroying if that one image still doesn't look right. And outside of photoshop, I might have been able to create 5 finished images in the same time frame, which means 5 times the learning, even if I STILL don't have something I'm pleased with.

Anyway, this image is only the start, as I'm hoping to take myself on a bit of a colour journey. I've become afraid of my work again recently, and I need to conquer some of those fears and go back to 'school'. By that, I mean methodically working through problems, rather than skipping about all over the place and not really solving anything.

I recently read an interview with Amanda Wood, of Templar, where she said,

'(it's) often more about trying to find the story that an artist wants to tell themselves and then coaxing it out of them!'

This really struck a long-forgotten chord with me. Of late, I've been concerned that I NEED to author to be able to illustrate what I want to illustrate. I've been so keen to find a story that works that I've forgotten the key issue about writing stories I actually want to tell!

I need to re-learn how to concentrate on the actual work, and not the pressures behind it, which let's face it, are pretty enormous and (if you let them be) totally overwhelming in this market.

Anyway, the word is 'methodically,' Cass. Let's approach these issues one at a time. Although, I can't help but think if I can sort out one problem, the rest might start to assemble themselves.

Hope you like these guys though. They're my new favourites. It's just a colour rough, but even so, I always feel far more free at the start of a project, and I think (hope) it shows!


Anonymous said...

Cassia - I love this picture! Please make it in to a whole book, it looks wonderful: the quote, the pigtails, the big-ball-of-fuzz monster. Yummy all round! Jess.

Mai Kemble said...

boy did you hit it on the head... I am always battling with my art... fear and lack of confidence in one corner, me and my paintbrush and love of drawing in the other...
But I think that your Goldie Locks & Bear illos have been really nice.. and I think in the core of it all, you have a great style (Photoshop or not) that I think if I were to be a publisher, would be happy to have next to any text.
Love the illustration.
And the striped tights.

cassia said...

I think the fear's fine though, Mai. It's just when it superglues you to the spot that's the problem! :0)

Jess, that's the (longterm) plan. Will let you know how it goes.


Jon Davis said...

I know what you mean, I often am v enthusiastic with my pictures, and as they get closer and closer to being finished I end up more and more deflated and discouraged about them.
Which I think is to do with having an image in my brain and trying to drag that out onto the paper. The more and more crystallised it gets, the less like the image in your brain it is.
I saw an interview with a famous violin player, and they asked him about how he approaches playing the music, and he said that he just tries to spoil it as little as possible, from what he hears in his head, to what comes out of his violin.
So I think that's what I'm getting.
And I think the fear comes in when you're scared about how little the finished picture is going to end up being from your idea.
So I suppose I need to just relax and be prepared to like the picture even if it's different from what I originally thought of.
Anyway, enough rambling, hope that makes some semblance of sense.
I'm now going to make a cup of tea, and draw a chap in a school blazer and Beatle boots.

cassia said...

Jon, that's exactly right. And you put it so much better than I could!

Good luck with the beatle boots!