Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Authors for Japan

I was lucky enough to go to Japan and South Korea in 2004. If I could go back and re-visit any time in my life so far, it would be those 4 weeks. Both country's are so rich in their storytelling and visual cultures that I am embarrassed to say they leave Britain lagging about their ankles, like a snotty, spoilt younger sibling. I had no choice but to leave part of my heart in each country.

This 'Authors for Japan' Auction is a fantastic way of supporting the aid work that will be desperately needed in the next weeks, whilst tipping your hat to its' honoured tradition of storytelling.

Alas, I found out about the auction too late for George, Ghost, and Elizabeth to help out, but I'll definitely be fighting you all off for some of those kids books!


Thomas Taylor said...

Yes, I was a bit too late to contribute too, but I've made several bids.

matt dawson said...

Sorry I didn't know about this to bid. Hope you picked up something you wanted. You're full of surprises Miss T...Japan in your past eh, hhhmmm, can I see a Japanese influence in your work or am I reading in too much..?

As you say C, it's been too long. We must meet up, set the world to rights... or if that's hoping for too much, at least eat cake! I've got time free on 31st Mar and 4th April if you're free...? TTFN

word verification, "unbearge' : Cass' state of being after too many drawings of trios of bears! ;-)