Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I worked on today...

So, you know Pooshnoozle, already, but I can't remember if you've met Molly. Molly was Lively Elizabeth's predecessor... or I suppose, older role model- hence the goggles. So, she's been around years now, but it's nice to spend some proper time with her again.

Anyway, I've gone back to using my pencil full-on in much of my recent work, as it's what I love most, but I've added in some darker ink lines too, which I hope has added some punch.

This isn't finished yet (obviously). There's going to be a goofy vulture on the left arm of the chair stealing Molly's lunch. I'll probably 'flesh out' the top of the chair too, as I quite like the way it looks like a frame for the characters. I'm not really sure whether to add colour or not either. Opinions on a postcard, please!

Oooh, I also made my first cheesecake; strawberries and cream. If I'm not dead by tomorrow, I'll know it was a success...


Anne Booth said...

Really beautiful

June said...

This is wonderful. I love your pencil style.
If you decide to add colour, I suggest you test out a printed version first, or add soft colour digitally, as it would be a shame to lose the pencil version.

christine grove said...

The goggles are such a cute touch! Your pencil work is amazing:)

cassia said...

thanks very much!

June, good call. I think I'll have a go with the digital. Nothing ventured nothing gained and all that...!

Coreopsis said...

Oh my! This is delightful. I can imagine it both ways--b & w and in color.

(the security word for this post is "playing"--now how tough is that?)

Ellie Crisp-McNeil said...

Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow.
Absolutely fantastic work.
Like you I am now diping my toe in the water for writing (so hats off to you there too!). Today I have done a random search for children's illustrators and I have to say your style of illustration has blown me away.
I have added you to my "Vision Board" in the hope that my stories will be fabulous enough to support your illustrations.
In the meantime, I wish you every success in your work.
p.s.Too right you should be paid for your talents!

cassia said...

thanks very much!

I love the security words, Coreopsis- they're often awesome/particularly fitting!

Ellie, you're making me blush! Much luck back at you on the writing front.

Carrie Gelson said...

I adore your illustrations! I am as I type this drinking my morning coffee and blogging about the latest treasures I discovered at the library - one of them being Lively Elizabeth! I hadn't seen your illustrations before so I started doing some searching and discovered your blog and website. You have become instantly one of my favourite illustrators!

Hopefully - if my husband makes another pot of coffee my blog post will be up in the next hour or so!

Can't wait to check out your other illustrated books

Jon Davis said...

Great picture, I really like the details on the chair and Molly's outfit.
The Goggles are v cool.
Will you keep us updated with how it develops, with the vulture etc?