Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Location, Location, Location...

Arg. This weekend marks a trip to pastures new. I've spent the past 3 days selotaping life as I know it into boxes.... and I swear the boxes are a helluva lot bigger than a year and bit ago when we last moved.

Today it was my poor beloved studio's turn. Always the most emotional part of a move for me.
These tiny cubby holed spaces have consumed so much of my time that I always feel sad saying good bye.

One of the nice things though, is that I finally get to the bottom of the piles I've been putting off sorting. I always find pictures I've forgotten all about. Here is one of them. I have absolutely no recollection of doing it, so I suspect it was a 'front of TV evening special' done on a whim.

Anyway, my next post will be from a different location... a whole 2 roads away!!!

As an aside, I'll be making an appearance at The Grayshott Children's Theatre next Tuesday the 10th May. Penelope Keith will be doing a book reading of a Julia Donaldson number, and I'll be doing some drawing activities and book signing with the kiddywinks. All are welcome for fun frolics.